Our Quality

Here at Panacea we have recently installed our all new production facility, with many features unique to the industry. We have taken great care to treat each herb uniquely in order to make best use of the precious plant material. We use multiple extraction techniques on each plant to ensure the best possible extraction.

In addition we take great care in filtering our tinctures and extracts, the aim being to minimise precipitation and flocculation, and uniquely in many products to lower the microbial load using special filtration techniques. Naturally our long experience in manufacturing dictates the level of filtration for each product and for example we maintain precipitates in items such as Avena sativa, where efficacy may be compromised if they are removed.

Many clients have already commented on the improved quality of the products from our own production and the vast improvement in stock control. We look forward to a new era for Panacea, providing some of the most efficacious and cost effective ingredients for use in your medicines and for the benefit of your patients.

Private label and contract customers can be confident that Panacea's production and documentation systems are among the highest within our industry.

Membership of numerous industry associations and participation on groups and committees establishing national and international quality standards ensures that Panacea is always abreast of the latest innovations and regulations.