Protecting our Environment

Together we can work towards a better world!

At Panacea Health Limited we want to make a better world for everyone, and with your help together we can!

Every time you purchase from us you will be helping offset a little of your own Carbon footprint making us together contribute to making an happier, healthier world in which we live.

Take a look at some of the things we’re working on to make our would a little healthier…..

  • Our Carbon Offset Policy: Panacea makes a financial contribution from its sales to Carbon Fund a global organisation supporting three major carbon offset projects, each project playing an important role in the fight against climate change. The projects are Renewable energy, Energy Efficiency & Carbon Credits and “Reforestation & Avoidable Deforestation. We know that some people prefer renewable energy, while others prefer trees and efficiency, so we are thinking “it’s your carbon, so why not your choice”. With that in mind we hope in the near future when you make your purchase, you  will be able to decide which your preferred carbon offset choice is, and we will make the necessary contribution to that project via our partnership programmes.
    • Our Manufacturing Waste Policy: All the herb waste left over after manufacturing our tinctures is composted and will be used on our own fields where we are starting to grown our own herbs, so we can increase the range of fresh tinctures we can offer in the future. A great form of recycling and reducing our carbon footprint whilst also giving something valuable back to the land to help grow further herbs.
      • Our packaging policy: Wherever possible we use biodegradable packaging for all our shipments. This includes all-paper protective bags, paper-based sealing tape, cornstarch or paper fillers and recycled content card boxes.
      • Our renewable Energy Policy: Here at our Kingham site we have solar panels over the south facing roof which not only generates 100% of our power needs, the panels also make a positive contribution in excess of our needs so the excess power is fed back to the national grid for use by the country.


        When nature thrives, we all do.